W R E N & C O.

You’ll never look back from the day you decide to bring a dog into your home. Wren's impact has been such that we couldn’t help but want to share her joie de vivre by starting WREN Brands. We simply want to honor her particular brand of shenanigans by stamping her name on the most unique, Canadian made, all natural treats that every dog deserves. The end result is basically edible LOVE that is all wrapped up in a pink package from our home to yours.

Jane, the brainchild of WREN Brands, brings her matter of fact, minimalist style, food art skills and big heart to this company. The blends result in the most small batch craft biscuits and real artisan fruit & veggie snacks known to dogs.

To help steer us into the future is our business student, Ella. She brings candour to our social channels and her specialized taste buds help to curate our WREN Brands SNAX menu.

Kate, our youngest, delivers on the promise to keep it real all the time. She is in charge of all things that we likely miss with her keen eye and sense of style. Kate is key to quality control and project management.

Nigel, our caretaker of all the operations and logistics. He will be seen sampling the treats from time to time and praising the fruits of our labour of love. You’ll find him on delivery and answering your questions or throwing around the ball for Wren.

Look for us at the Underground Pass Park, Withrow and Cabbagetown Farmers Markets in Toronto.