Our dehydrated biscuits are made to preserve the integrity of wholesome ingredients and nutrients to preserve flavour combinations.  Profile: Carrots, turmeric, tomato, honey, chia seeds, probiotics, coconut oil, chickpea flour, coconut flour, oat flour  Includes 2 packages. 15 biscuits per pack. Choose two flavours.

WREN Brands


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WREN Brands collection of KUKKIES are carefully curated superfood combinations for optimal health and nutrition. Each flavour profile is exciting for the palate of every discerning canine. Slow dehydration process in creating our KUKKIES retains as much nutritional value of the raw and healthful properties of every ingredient.



Carrots with high in beta-carotene are best known for ability to improve and protect eyesight with vitamin A. It is also high in fibre for gastrointestinal health and immune system support. Great for maintaining skin and coat.

Ripe tomatoes are great source of vitamin C, vitamin A which supports immune systems, skin and vision health and Potassium for heart function.
*Note that dogs should not eat green tomatoes, the leaves or stem parts as it is toxic.

Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that support immune system health.


120 g net / package


Flavour profile: carrot. tahini. turmeric. chickpea flour. coconut flour. tomato. nutritional yeast. honey. 

Note: May not look exactly as shown as individual ingredients from different sources or suppliers as well as the seasons may influence or contain a variety of properties like textures and natural colours that may affect the look with each batch. However, we do not compromise the quality control of our products.